Second-hand furniture

The way you decorate your home says a lot
about you, and used furniture is a great way to create a unique space.

Furnishing your home doesn’t necessarily
mean breaking your piggy bank. Know that there are a few tips for finding
second-hand furniture at a lower cost.

However, the vast majority of furniture
items are more common, and at low prices. For one euro, you can leave with a
red vintage armchair, or a set of 6 chairs and a wooden table! Some models sold
by major furniture retailers find a second life on the Internet – which is
surprising, to say the least, given the sometimes very low prices charged by
some retailers for a new piece of furniture.

Equip your home with pretty furniture at a
low price.

The living room. In the living room, the
furniture should ideally be functional. Without forgetting the design aspect
and aesthetics, opt for furniture and objects that do not take up space. Take
advantage of the height of the walls to oxygenate the room and avoid
accumulating objects on the floor. Install shelves to store books, CDs and
DVDs. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, mount your TV directly on the wall. Need a
desk corner? Hide it in a closet or get a folding desk for a small fee. In
small spaces, the living room often serves as a sitting and dining area. If
you’re lucky enough to have an open, American-style kitchen, the bar will do
the trick for your meals. Otherwise, a small side table in a corner of the
living room should not take up too much space.

The kitchen. In small spaces, kitchens are
designed to take up as little space as possible. All the more reason to design
it well! Kitchens in L-shape, in line, or open… several layouts are possible.
The important thing is that it remains functional and pleasant, to make you
want to concoct good meals. Make up a work surface for yourself. If the kitchen
doesn’t have one, install a small flap table or a sliding worktop. As for the
living room, choose wall storage and accessories. Similarly, a dining area can
be easily arranged with a folding table and chairs, which can be stored in a
cupboard if they are no longer needed.

The bedroom. In order not to lose floor
space, a mezzanine bed or a space-saving bed that slides or retracts into the
wall can be considered. You can then easily set up a desk for example. Beds
with integrated drawers are also very practical for small areas where storage
space is limited. The cheapest solution is still the sofa bed. However, beware
of (too) cheap models that are suitable for occasional use. Many reasonably
priced BZs and sofa beds are designed for everyday use. These are the models
that you will turn to.

The bathroom. The bathroom must be
functional and conducive to wellbeing, and therefore uncluttered. Choose
shallow columns and 2-in-1 furniture such as a cupboard with integrated mirror.
Again, play with the height of the walls and favour wall storage.